Electrical Panel and Meter Center Upgrades

The dangers of a outdated panel or meter center can cause damage to spread beyond the panel itself. Protect your investment with Night Owl Electric services. Eliminate the risk of fire and power outages!

The electric panel manages the electricity demand for your community.

  • Meter Center Inspection and Replacement
  • Grounding System Inspection and Replacement
  • Commercial and Residential Main Panel Replacement
  • Main Breaker Testing & Repair/Replacement
  • Upgrade Existing Residential Panel to Meet Current Code

Some buildings require a new electric panel not just an upgrade on the already existing unit. How do you know where you stand?

  • Corroded circuit breakers or panel
  • Humming or Fizzing
  • Frequently overheated electric conductors
  • Installation of new equipment requiring dedicated outlets
  • A need for additional non-grounded outlets
  • Electric panel emitting crackling sounds
  • Installation of a sub panel, etc.

The power needs of every community building differ. So, too, do the electric service panel needs of each building. Every upgrade or new installation must be according to the particular power needs of your commercial building and in line with local safety practices.