Alumiconn Installation

We do lender required, insurance-compliant alumiconn installation.

Lender Required, Insurance-Compliant Alumiconn Installation.

Is your lender requiring you to update your current aluminum wiring to copper throughout your property? Night Owl Electric specializes in the installation of allumiconn devices throughout multi-family properties.

Insurance Approved Solution for Aluminum Wiring

Allumiconn devices are the only solution acceptable by lenders and insurance companies for properties that have aluminum wiring throughout. The only avalable solution besides using alumiconn devices is to rewire the entire property. Rewiring an entire property is prohibitively expensive and disruptive to existing tenants.

Night Owl Electric can save you time, expense, and headache by deploying alumiconn devices throughout your property to comply with your lender and insurance requirements.

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