Complete Electrical Upgrades and Updates

Let Night Owl Electric upfit the entire electric infrastructure of your property.

Clubhouse Renovations

Your clubhouse can make or break an impression with prospects.   Nothing creates an appealing and inviting environment quite like modern lighting.  Should safety be a concern, our fully licensed staff can update code requirements and install safe, cost effective fixtures.

Interior Retail/Commercial Build-Outs

From a new retail outlet to a huge commercial facility, Night Owl Electric has the expertise to design and build your entire electric system.

Interior Multi-Family Property Build-Out

Often times a renovation or upfit is the best way to extend the life of your investment and make the best use of your available budget.  In some cases, installation of more energy efficient and environmentally friendly electric products will result in operational savings.

With advances in electronic technology, even extending to the emphasis on LED lighting, it’s a good idea to make sure that wiring and electric load capacity are taken into account when it’s time to remodel an area, renovate a property or upfit a large space.

Night Owl Electric has significant experience with a wide range of upfit and renovation projects.  We can provide a service upgrade, a comprehensive technology upfit, retrofit your power circuit breaker trips, or conduct a full-scale energy audit, complete with specific recommendations and a course of action to make your building more energy efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.

Room Additions/Unit Renovations

When it’s time to renovate units throughout your community, it’s also a great time to upfit the electric systems. We can provide a service upgrade, a comprehensive technology upfit, and retrofit your power circuit breaker trips.